Variable Speed Tote Mixing

Low and High Speed Tote Mixing involves the ability of a tank to mix liquids rapidly at the liquid-level. This allows for quality control of your product from the plant to the end user. Tote mixers have a variety of uses, from mixing paints to pouring concrete self leveling material. The mixer is a portable and easy-to-use device that can be mounted to the lid of the tote for rapid mixing.

IBC tote mixers come in a variety of sizes, speeds and types for different applications. Tote mixers are selected based on the viscosity of the fluid, the type being mixed and the desired results. White Mountain Process specialists can help determine the mixer construction, size, type and style based on your application.

Direct drive and gear drive are two options for tote mixers. Standard direct drive mixers have a mixing impeller with a diameter of 5.75″ that fits into the 6″ opening on the tote. Gear drive mixers come with a mixing impeller that is larger and can span between 10-16 inch depending on your application and the size of your tote. Tote mixers can also be fitted with a single or double mixing blade.

Mixers are available for a variety of tote tank opening sizes and types, including bung entry and open top lids. For smaller tote containers, a bracket mounted mixer is the most economic option. It is attached to the tote securely and quickly with a deluxe toggle clamp design. It can also be removed when it’s not in use. A gear drive mixer with a larger mixing blade offers increased torque for more aggressive tote agitation and blending.

Tote mixers made of stainless steel are resistant to chemicals and can be used in the harshest applications. They are ideal for mixing and storing hazardous chemicals, as well as nonhazardous materials. They feature a 316 stainless steel construction on all wetted parts with a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor that is designed to plug into a standard outlet. The TEFC motor is less susceptible to heating and helps reduce dirt in the motor.

The Pulsair IBC tote mixer agitator works by pulsing bursts of compressed air into the IBC tote’s lid bung hole. This process efficiently creates a large flat mixing bubble which moves up through the tote’s liquid level. This effective vertical ‘bottom-up’ mixing action is up to 4 times faster than traditional mechanical or impeller tote tank agitators.

The pulsed mixer is safe for materials that are food-grade. It will never oxidize your product and can be used even with products with high solids. The mixer is completely contained in a stainless housing. There are no moving parts. It’s the safest IBC-tote mixer available. The mixer is only It weighs only 6 lbs, and can easily be transported to and from the tote. It is a great solution to homogenize tote liquids after long-term storage or transportation.

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